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Michelle Branch - Everywhere


Vlogersday 6

omg this guy looks so cool 

he has to be on crack! :p

some days I want an escape. I want to feel loved. I want someone to think about me all the time. I want someone to hold me, I want someone to take my hand to hold when Im least expecting it. I want to take stupid pictures. I want to find pictures I forgot about in his car and wallet or pocket. I want to find someone to love me for who i am. My stupidity, my immaturity, my bitchyness when im tired and my love that I have bottled up. I want to be attracted to this person. I want them to be caring understanding nice and interested in arts. I want them to be skinny not a twig or a teddy bear size. a happy medium. I want to cuddle with him and fall asleep feeling like nothing in the world will get me. I want him to be himself and not change because of me. I dont know why this is so hard to find. But its proving itself to be a challenge.